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Vba form line

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If you are comfortable with using this method have a look at the I need to draw oblique lines in a form, as you can do in VB using th drawline tool, but I don't know how todo that in VBA since there?s n I can't seem to find the 'Draw" menu in Excel VBA Am I correct in And that the Frame is the only way to group stuff on a Form?? thanks.Hi Guys, Is there a control that draws a line on the uforms? layout that the Excel Options form has: a line is used to separate related items on the form. Thanks everyone. As you can see it is very similar to normal VBA code used when adding and Drawing lines/rectangles using VBA Forms. The question of drawing lines and shapes on a userform comes up quite often. Dominic Lavoie. Check Andy Pope's MS Access allows drawing lines on forms, and so does VB . Is it possible to draw a line or rectangle on a form using VBA? G37Sam is offline Dec 14, 2009 - This example uses an API to let you actually draw on the form free hand I really need a version of this which can save the line drawing as an There is a way to draw lines on the vba userform, it involves the windows API. How is this done in the case of standard VBA? I could use 1-pixel wide labels, but I Read this: Form Controls stop working [properly] after December 2014 VBA userforms do not have a builtin shape control for drawing lines orVBA Code for filling up the online form10 posts20 Aug 2013Multiple Lines in VBA Text Box4 posts7 Jan 2013vba to load varous lines from text file to form textbox2 posts25 May 2011Can't find Line/Shape Controls in VBA4 posts22 Jan 2005More results from www.mrexcel.comDraw line in a vba › Visual Basic › Office DevelopmentCachedSimilarApr 5, 2004 - 5 posts - ?2 authorsHi, I would like to know how I can draw a line in a vba form like I can do in VB with the Line control.
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